Potential HGH Side Effects

The human growth hormone, or HGH, has been shown to have dramatically positive effects on what you’re able to accomplish with your bodybuilding. Nothing else can increase your mass, size, and power so quickly and completely. Many weight lifters and bodybuilders love using it to harness the hormonal power that their body naturally produces. It has become a popular steroid to use, especially with all the supplement products on the consumer market. People can now use it safely, without a prescription and without any real health dangers. However, as with anything — there are risks. The most common side effects to HGH can be mitigated with careful attention to dosage and a few precautions.

Physical Discomfort

Some people who take HGH report pain in joints, nerve pain, and other types of muscle pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome has been reported by those taking HGH, and there might be a general feeling of physical pain, particularly when you begin taking it. If you experience these symptoms, make sure you are taking it correctly. Read the bottle for dosage instructions, and never exceed what is recommended. Take it with food, drink plenty of water, and don’t take more than what is directed. This growth hormone should help your muscles and joints recover faster, so any pain or discomfort is something that requires your serious attention.


Edema describes the swelling of your tissues due to a build-up of fluid. It can be a serious condition, and if you notice it while taking HGH, you need to address it. This is a side effect that has only been reported in people who inject the human growth hormone into their system. If you’re taking a supplemental form of the hormone, or something in pill or powder form, the dosage should be low enough that edema is not a problem. If you do notice swelling, consult a doctor. There might be other health issues that require your attention.

Numbness and Tingling

You may notice that there’s a strange sensation on your skin when you take this hormone. This is common with a number of anabolic steroids, and bodybuilders frequently report feeling a sort of tingling, particularly during periods of rest or when trying to sleep. Your muscles and tissues are increasing in mass, which can sometimes suppress your nerves, making you feel numb or tingly. It’s a problem that should resolve itself eventually, and it’s not going to cause you any major health problems. Your nerves will eventually adapt to your transforming body, resolving the numbness or the tingling you may feel.

The best way to combat side effects when it comes to HGH is to know what you’re getting. If you’ve been prescribed this hormone and you’re receiving injections, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to you doctor about your health and any side effects you experience. If you’re taking an HGH supplement that is legal, and available without a prescription, buy it from a trusted and reliable retailer who guarantees their products. Always follow dosage instructions carefully, and never put your physical ambitions ahead of your physical health.